Closed for the season.
See you May 2015!

In 2015, we will be discontinuing our sales of Cypripediums.  Cypripediums are purchased from Spangle Creek Labs as seedlings. We grow the seedlings for now four growing seasons before they are available for sale. Some may be of blooming, most will not. 

Unfortunately, the majority of Cypripedium sold in the US are still dug from the wild. Fortunately, the trade in nursery propagated plants is growing larger every year, although the price will never be able to compete with wild collected plants. Cypripedium grown from seed usually take from 6-8 years to reach flowering size, so when you see flowering size plants sold for less than $35, you can be pretty sure that they have been wild collected. 

We believe in being upfront with you on what is going on the world of Cypripediums.   We give a lot of love, care and attention given to our ladyslippers.  We give you the information to grow a successul plant.  

So, are ladyslippers hard to grow?  The Large Yellow is the easiest to grow.  Most Cypripediums need morning sun and well drained soil.  The best example of an ideal location would be the woodland's edge.  The Showy and the White like more sun than the Yellows.  

In addition to Cypripediums, Kinnickinnic Natives grows about 99% of plants from seed grown on our location.  The original seed sources are within 50 miles of our site.  How many nurseries or greenhouses can make that claim?  

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